long sleeve camo shirts

Long Sleeve Camo Shirts

Bearcats Long Sleeve Camo Shirts

Custom Camouflage Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve camo shirts from Lightning Wear. Is it a bear or a cat? Either way, these long sleeve camo shirts for the Bearcats lacrosse players are looking official. Custom camouflage long sleeve shirts can be a great for warm up shooter shirts or to throw under your pads or outer wear. We make these in a variety of camo prints or if you have one in mind, send it to us for reproduction. You can get them in adult or kids sizes for girls and guys. They are unisex. Thanks Bearcats for the custom shooter shirt order.

Keep in mind that you can add team names and personalization to the back or sleeves of the shirt. As well, you are not limited to the number of colors or pattern or logos that you use on the garment. The important thing is to work closely with our graphic artists on your design. Detail is everything when it comes to dye sublimation.

Camouflage Shirts

Camouflage has so many variations and options. The important thing is to decide what three or four colors you want in your custom uniforms or warm up shirts and stick to them. More importantly, pick a logo that goes well with the colors you have chosen. Too often we see uploaded images that we know are not going to work with the camouflage that someone has chosen. If you are unsure just give us a call and we can give you our honest and up front opinion on the design and coloring. All of our custom long sleeve shirts are made from scratch. You can add logos on the sleeves and anywhere on the back front or site too. Who says that long sleeve camo shirts are just for hunting?

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