long sleeve shooter shirt

Long Sleeve Shooter Shirt

Make Your Own Shooting Shirts

Create a Long Sleeve Shooter Shirt from Lightning Wear. You can get custom sublimated long sleeve shirts with by far the most design possibilities on the web. As many of you know, we currently sell long sleeved shooting shirts for lacrosse and many other sports. Recently,the bigger seller of these cool shirts has been for basketball. For sure it has been one of the biggest sports for this particular item. The shirts make great basketball warmup shirts. Add names, numbers and logos any where on the side front chest breast neck or back. Or just buy them plain. The ombre pattern sells big too.

The shirts pictured were designed completely on our site without any artist assistance or help. So, I salute the guy or gal that put this together online. I hope you enjoy your shooter shirts.


As you can see by the image above, our sublimated shooter shirts are not like the average colored cotton or performance t shirt. But what makes them even more special is the process that gets them to look like this. The shirts are printed first then they are cut and sewn together. This allows for an all over coverage of the garment. With cotton or already made performance type custom t shirts you are only limited to the print space that the screen printer will allow.

Our shooter shirt actually starts out as a white piece of fabric with a white piece of paper. It takes shape in the process to a fully printed jersey. So the blue red fade color on the shirt we display above actually started out as a white piece of fabric. That fancy print that you see was first printed on a piece of paper with special dye sublimated inks. Lightning Wear is one of the only USA based manufacturers of custom sublimated sports apparel.

The dye sublimation process lets you add whatever logo, pattern or print to the piece of clothing without pain or extra pricing. The moisture wicking fabric we print is made to last. And we have customers that contact us for any sports event. Many times we hear they are using the same gear three and four seasons in. We use a silky polyester satin that is comfortable and easy to wash. Or you can even put a picture of your mom, your favorite friend pet or food right on the whole thing. So if you have creative ideas for your next long sleeve shooter shirt, give us a call at 888-438-7875 and we can help make your dream a reality.

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