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Long Sleeve Shooting Jersey – Westborough Massachusetts

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Long Sleeve Shooting Jersey from Lightning Wear Apparel. Maroon must be the color of choice for basketball uniforms this upcoming winter season.

Yesterday I posted a picture of a long sleeve shooting jersey that looked similar to the one pictured below. The obvious difference is that this particular maroon long sleeve shooting jerseyhas a different logo and side logo. The multicolored logo was easily added to this jersey without any extra color or screen printing charges. Dye sublimation makes the print process so easy. Less noticeable is the digital camouflage side panel that the Westborough Massachusetts team added.

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I answered a call today from someone asking a pretty common question that I have heard before. It seems like more people have been seeing the blog and the site that are not actually familiar with the site. They wanted to know if the lacrosse shooter shirt that they found online could be made similar for a basketball shooting jersey. The answer is yes. It is all the same shirt, pattern design and style. We target different sports but the product is the same. Right now we are beefing up the designer site and products that we offer. In the beginning of 2015, we will be changing the Lightning Wear site to be more sports appropriate to the different sports and teams we serve.

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