Design Long Sleeve Shirts

Ballard High School boys will be looking fantastic in their long sleeve shooting shirts. The team made a white shooting shirt long sleeved with custom logos. They added numbers on the sleeve of the long sleeve shooter shirts.

Honestly, the pictures do not do the shirts justice. The white shirts with the cardinal red B on the front behind the lacrosse sticks looks crisp and clean. The team also ordered a reversible jersey dye sublimated with striped and custom logos on the front. They also added team player numbers and back names and numbers. The red to white stripe on the front and back really completed the look.


Lacrosse Uniforms Pricing

Lacrosse uniforms pricing can really depend on what type of product you decide to buy. The long sleeve shooter can be purchased for around $38. The price includes any color or pattern design. Most shirts are not white like the one pictured. But really they can be any design picture image or pattern. You can take a picture of your favorite pet or cow and it can be transferred to your shirt with ease. The dye sublimation process is not a simple one. But with the right team of printers cutters sewers and shippers we do this with ease.

We also have package deals. A long sleeve shirt, shorts and a reversible jersey can be purchased for under $96.00. Again, this price includes team numbers, names and logos. This package is available for youth and adult teams. The price is also good for girls and womens teams for any sport. We make long sleeve basketball shooting shirts for tons of teams all over the globe. Normal turn time for manufacturing our our long sleeve shooting shirts is about three to four weeks.

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We run a pretty tight ship here at Lightning Wear. We do offer expedited services for a fee. Otherwsie, your order will likely process in around 21 business days. Depending on the time of the season, that turn time can change for the better or the worse. If you need sooner, let us know and we will try to help with your sublimated lax uniforms. Naturally, we are humans so we know that parents and coaches sometimes will forget to place their order in time for their tournament or deadline.

Our team understands these circumstances. We are always willing to help in every way we can. Our company wants to get you your order of custom uniforms within a reasonable amount of time. We are fun people that are always willing to help. Unfortunately, we do not take kindly to bullies. If you think screaming or bossing us around is going to make your order go any faster, you are likely only going to make things worse.

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For your uniform information. Our sublimated lacrosse uniforms are the most durable and long lasting on the market.