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Maryland Flag Sweatshirt – Custom Hooded Maryland Sweatshirt

Custom Maryland Flag Sweatshirt

Maryland flag sweatshirt from Lightning Wear.

maryland flag sweatshirt

maryland flag sweatshirt

No College Park tailgate is complete without a white and Maryland flag style sweatshirt from Lightning Wear. These durable hoodies are great to wear regardless of the outdoor temps. The 85/15 poly cotton material is soft and breathable while maintaining the Terp Swag style. Thanks to our CP pals for this great sweatshirt order.Order it online here

I get really irritated every time I see this hooded sweatshirt go to print. Do not get me wrong I love this sweatshirt more than you will ever know because I helped design it. What I get upset about is that we used to sell this sweatshirt to a store in Ocean City Maryland about five years ago. The owner was always complaining about our price. I wish he knew what it actually costs to make a high quality dye sublimation sweatshirt like this.

So long story short, he took it upon himself to go to Pakistan with our design and pattern. He replicated it with the biggest piece of garbage that you can think of. Sadly enough he sold the stuff out of it. Mom always said imitation is the biggest form of flattery but this is border line stealing. So if you see this in a shop on the boards the next time you are down there, please boycott the store and the products they sell. They are all takeoffs. Sorry for venting. Mention this blog post and I will be sure to throw you a Maryland lover discount.

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