Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Maryland Flag Soccer Hoodies - Hooded Sweatshirts

Check out these Maryland soccer sweatshirts from Lightning Wear. These are not the cheap Maryland flag sweatshirts that you would buy on the OCMD boardwalk. They are the authentic ones and we were the first to make them. Here goes an official set of MUFC hooded sweatshirts using the one of a kind Maryland Flag artwork from Lightning Wear. Everyone that has ordered one of these or a similar type of the Maryland Flag Sweatshirt says that just about everywhere they go, someone comes up to them and asks where they designed it. More to come in soccer uniforms and other apparel in the new year. Maryland soccer sweatshirts can be customized or personalized any way you want them. Made in Maryland USA. We are not just a custom jerseys manufacturer.

Custom Maryland Soccer Sweatshirts

Many moons ago we started making the Maryland flag hoodies and in particular the Maryland soccer sweatshirts. The most frustrating part about doing some of our designs is that they catch the eye of the unwanted. In particular, the design you see pictured was once unique and fun. That was until a dodgy gypsy from the Ocean City boardwalk decided to steal our design and send it to his friends in Bangladesh for an inferior rip off. The vendor then slapped on some Orioles and UMD logos on the hoodies and passed it off as their own. Sorry for the rant. But buyers beware. First, they are a sad replication of our once unique and cool design. Second the fabric and construction of the garment is garbage. I always say in my posts that imitation is the biggest form of flattery but in this instance I am somewhat bothered. Not only is their sweatshirt garbage but they also are selling it for a few dollars more than the two that it cost their underage kids to make it. The people that are making it have never heard of Maryland. That being said, I hope Ocean City Maryland does something to curb the illicit pirating and theft of property. Recently, I saw that our friends at Vineyard Vines were being ripped by a store in Bethany Beach Delaware. The sad thing is that tons of money time and energy has been wasted on theft. Somehow these nasty and unscrupulous pirates are getting away with way too much these days. Well thanks for reading my rant. If you need custom Maryland soccer sweatshirts, call us and we will come up with a newer cool design that the boardwalk pirates will not try to copy.

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