Names and Numbers

Names and Numbers

Lightning Wear allows for the personalization of sublimated lacrosse pinniessublimated lacrosse shortssublimated hooded sweatshirts and sublimated lacrosse shooter shirts. Unlike many of the custom uniform agents in the United States, Lightning Wear manufactures all of our sublimated uniforms in our state of the art facility in Kensington, Maryland.


How Do I Send Lightning Wear my List?

The names and numbers portion can be a bit tricky for you if this is your first time orderding with us. We recommend that you first watch the tutorials on adding names and numbers to your order. If you have an order larger than 20 garments with personalization, we recommend that you either upload a .txt file or email us the list of names, optional numbers and sizes. If you are emailing the list, be sure the the word EXAMPLE is placed in the area of the garment that you want the actual personalized name to appear. Similarly, if you are adding a number, be sure that the 00 is placed on the garment in the area that you would like us to print it. After doing this, find the Shopping Cart Icon located in the designer area. Click on it and select the correct quantity of sizes. Proceed to the checkout and pay for the order. Then, email us the list at Be sure to reference your order number when sending.

If you would like to upload the list, create a simple .txt file and upload it to our designer tool in the team order option. Notepad is a great way to make the file. There are a few instructions below on how you should set the file up. Remember, each line of the text file must contain values delimited by colon in the following format:



Peter, 001, XL, 1

Mark, 002, SX, 2

Maximilian, 54, XXL, 3


This would mean that Peter gets one jersey with the number one on it with the name Peter in size XL. Mark gets 2 jerseys and Max gets 3. Get it?

Let’s say you want the name but no number on the back. Then, you would have to slightly modify the text document. Because the system uses colon characters , as a delimiter you are not able use colon in values. Value quantity is numeric value, if not present or not valid (for ex. -5) the system automatically fills it with value 1. So, if you leave this value blank, for example:

Peter, XL, 2

Then our buddy Peter will not be getting a name on the back. Got it?

It is really a lot easier than it sounds. Keep in mind we are here to help so if you do not understand, call us at 888-438-7875 and we can walk you through it or do it for you.

Call us today for a free sublimated uniform consultation at 888-438-7875 or email us at



If you are unsure about our sizing, please call us at 888-438-7875 and we can help you. Sizing for sublimated lacrosse pinnies, sublimated lacrosse shorts and sublimated lacrosse shooter shirts will be posted soon. For sublimated reversible jerseys use the charts above for proper sizing.