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Pink Girls Lacrosse Shooter Shirts – Shooting

Custom Pink Girls Lacrosse Shooter Shirts

Pink girls lacrosse shooter shirts from Lightning Wear. Team Tomahawks will be looking so sweet in these pink girls lacrosse sublimated shooter shirts. These were made to order along with custom pinnies and shorts for our friends on the West Coast. The shooter shirts are unisex so they fit like a regular cotton tshirt would. We use a polyester dimple mesh that does not tend to shrink so if you are comparing, please make sure the size of the cotton shirt has not been shrunk. Feel free to call us with you design or sizing questions. We are available from 7am to 7pm est normally. We are also open on the weekends depending on the time of the season.

pink girls lacrosse shooter shirts

pink girls lacrosse shooter shirts


We always hear the saying “Garbage in garbage out”. This means that if you design something on our uniform builder software and you do not put much time or effort in to it, you will not really receive the great look that you hoped for. To help, we have some extremely talented artists on location that can improve your design without hassle. I can say that the most interesting or well made designs for shirts, shorts or pinnies are the ones that are well planned out and have a fantastic logo or design. Also, the brighter colored garments always tend to look better in my opinion when they are transferred on to our material. Call or write us and we can help you come up with the best shirt possible.

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