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Make Reversible Pinnies

Custom Uber Reversible Jerseys

It was an honor and privilege working with the Uber team on these custom reversible pinnies. The reps from the company had a large event and wanted their guys and gals to stand out in custom Uber reversible jerseys. We took on the challenge and made up these custom collegiate cut jerseys with their trademark brand. Lightning Wear would definitely love seeing every one of their drivers in one of these bad boys. The impressive part about this whole order was the fact that their team uploaded their logo to our site. With four letters, a stock design turned in to a marketable promotional piece.

The greatest thing about our gear is that we are not just tailored to one particular audience. We have done work for so many great companies and big institutions. Ten years ago when we started out in the basement of a house in Brookeville, Maryland we never thought we would have been outfitting for the likes of the a grand company like UBER. More so, we have done work for Vineyard Vines, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Dicks Sporting Goods, and tons of professional and minor sports leagues. So on top of all of the high school and college teams, we are glad to have some of the biggest names in business wearing our sublimated apparel.

Don’t Drink and Drive.

I guess this is a great time for me to make a public safety announcement. You always see the sober ride commercials and reminders on tv and the radio. Many may think that these warnings never apply to you. Well they do. So now it is my turn to say something that will hopefully resonate with you. On my 30th birthday many moons ago, my young and very close cousin Robert M. was killed in an accident that involved alcohol. This special human being was my second little brother and I loved him dearly.

On my special night, Rob was leaving a party I hosted where alcohol was being served. To this day, losing my baby cousin was the most devastating thing that that has ever happened to me. Taxis and especially Uber are the greatest way to make sure everyone gets home safe. We are all about having a good time and celebrating with your friends. Call Uber and be safe. Sorry to get deep with you but if I make you think for a minute I have done my job as a blogger and friend. I miss you slobby Robbie! Call us for custom reversible pinnies and be sure to check out our page on basketball uniforms!

Where can I buy Pinnies?

The most obvious place for buying pinnies is on our site Lightning Wear.  Just go on our site, pick a style and start designing your masterpiece.  Did you know that Lightning Wear was the first company to ever create a custom pinnie site for designing and ordering pinnies?  Custom Pinnies from Lightning Wear. We manufacture custom reversible jerseys in the most colors and styles available anywhere.

It is amazing how far our company has evolved since the first pinnie we ever printed in my driveway back in 2008. We use one of the highest quality mesh counts for the custom reversible jerseys. We offer sublimated jerseys and screen printed mesh pinnie items in so many styles and colors I would not be able to list them.

Pinnys are great for practice or reversible play or they can be used for just hanging with your friends. We feel we offer a superior product to many of the companies that have tried to make there way in to the practice jersey market. Ours are sure to last at least three seasons of play or use. We offer our jerseys in adult and youth sizes and you can fully customize your jersey to the images and designs that you feel fit.

Girls Pinnies

Girls pinnies are just one style of the many custom jerseys that we make. We manufacture more custom uniforms than anyone in the world. In 2006 we saw the need for a reversible two color practice jersey that has visible numbers names and logos. Since that time we have expanded our product line to include two forms of womens reversible jerseys. These are the womens racerback jersey and the womens plain pinnie. You can get these screen printed without numbers or dye sublimated with unlimited color names, numbers patterns and designs.


Boys Pinnys

Our boys pinnie are made in two styles as well. We have the traditional tank top pinnie and the collegiate cut reversible jersey. The traditional tank comes in sizes starting at youth extra small and goes all the way to five extra large. Same goes for the collegiate cut jerseys. The difference is that the collegiate cut has a wider shoulder. This style is especially good for the little guys that wear pads or do not want their shirts falling off of their shoulders. Youth lacrosse practice jerseys are the way to go if you are a coach trying to herd the cattle.

Basketball Pinnies

We make basketball pinnies as well. Our basketball reversible jerseys come in a longer tank top style. We also make them in the wider shoulder collegiate cut with a v neck. These are made in adult and youth sizes as well. If you are looking for custom basketball uniforms at a reasonable price, we are the reliable option.

Callus for special large quantity or special event pricing. We also sell to vendors so if you have a shop locally that you would like to carry our product, please forward them our information and we can sign them up as a preferred vendor. Normal production time for blank pinnies is around 1 week depending on the quantity ordered. If you have a special date or event planned please let us know and we will work within your schedule to cut sew and ship your custom pinnies.

Blank Pinnies Wholesale

Get your pinnies wholesale from Lightning Wear. We sell blank reversible jerseys all across the globe.
Be sure to call us for vendor pricing and approval instructions. It is amazing how popular these things have become over the last 5 years. I don’t want to say we coined the phrase because that would sort of be an oxymoron. Gym pinnies have been worn since the early 1960s. I want to thank that person that invented it because it really is genius if you think about it. Why buy 2 shirts when you can just reverse one?

pinnies wholesale

pinnies wholesale

What We Did with These Reversible Jerseys

We did two things when we decided to pursue the exclusive business of reversible jerseys back in 2006. First, we designed and created the one and only ever site where you could mix and match and 2 color combinations for a one of a kind garment. There is one other company to date that came along afterwords that is an exclusive “pinny” site. They seem to copy a lot of what we do but they are not the only one so we continue to laugh. No harm no foul, yet. Most companies that offered reversible jerseys before this only allowed for a solid color primary color and the second layer white. We forever changed that and have been mimicked ever since.

The second thing we did that made us stand out from other manufacturers is that we made the first true racerback mesh pinnie for girls. I laugh when I go to different sporting events and see the many take off brands of our girls reversible. Even the BIG brands have augmented our pattern a tad for their own use. We got the idea from a womens sports bra and traced a design that worked with the reversible aspect of the mesh material. Frustrating that some of our sales have been taken by copycats but also flattering. The next time you see a pinnie with a racerback or one that has mixed colors or patterns, be sure to remember that Lightning Wear was the original creator of this.

Make & Custom Reversible Jerseys

customize pinnies

The Goats will be ready for action in these custom reversible jerseys from Lightning Wear. We manufacture custom pinnies and team uniforms in all colors styles and sizes. Additionaly, the team may also add cool nicknames on the backs of these royal blue and white reversibles. They did all of the custom work right on our site. Most people do not know this, but you can actually change the fonts of the names and numbers on the site to different styles. The site defaults to EXAMPLE for the name in arial font. But it can be changed. The numbers font defaults to collegiate inside. As well there are a bunch of different other fonts and selections that you can choose on your custom jerseys.

Custom Lacrosse Pinnies: Royal Blue Lacrosse Uniforms

Our royal blue lacrosse uniforms are a perfect shade of blue. But if there is another shade or color that you want to go with, contact us. Our art department has millions of colors and color swatches to go off of. The heavy duty dye sublimation printers that we use have profiles. The profiles are capable of reproducing just about any color or pattern you can imagine. You would be truly amazed at how many different shades of blue there really are. We make custom lacrosse shorts in royal blue too!

At Lightning Wear we take pride in giving you the designs and patterns that you want on a quality product. We started manufacturing in house back in 2007. Since then we have greatly improved and grown our product and our capabilities. We make custom t shirts and team apparel in large quantities. Our advantage is that we can produce these goods faster than any in state or overseas manufacturer.

Make Sublimated Basketball Pinnies

Design Basketball Uniforms

sublimated basketball pinnies

sublimated basketball pinnies

Sublimated basketball pinnies from Lightning Wear. Check out the cool logo and designs on these custom sublimated basketball jerseys going out to the Bolts basketball team.  The team designed these online using our custom basketball uniform builder. When you are designing your jersey, be sure to not limit yourself only to the colors and patterns of our site.

The great thing about using dye sublimation to print your jerseys is that you can print whatever color design or pattern on the jersey or other garment that you can humanly think of. Some of the stuff that comes across our desk is so cool, I often wonder if it was a human that created it.

These jerseys will have some heads turning on and off the court for sure. I always love to see something different like this particular design. We hope you enjoy our display of basketball jerseys as well.

Custom Basketball Uniforms & Sublimated Basketball Pinnies

We can create custom basketball teams and warmups for your team fast. If there is a tournament or date you need them for, you can be sure that we will do everything in our powers to get you custom basketball uniforms to you in the time you need them. For around $35 you can add a pair of matching basketball shorts with an 11 inch inseam to your order. The shorts can be made with or without pockets to suit you. And, they come with a double hemmed elastic drawstring inseam. We make our shorts for kids and adults girls and boys.

So, please keep in mind that you are not just limited to the designs and templates of the lacrosse pinnie site. Yes it is a lacrosse pinnie site, but we all play basketball here. That being said, we know how to make basketball uniforms. Call us for your sublimated basketball pinnies team needs.

Sublimated Basketball Practice Jerseys Design

basketball practice jersey design

basketball practice jersey design

This basketball practice jerseys design that team Sons of Liberty chose is definitely going to make their opponents dizzy and confused.
Take a gander at the very Americana image and thin red white stripes on the way to this crew. The team added custom names and numbers on the back of the custom basketball pinnies. If you look carefully, you can see that the sons of liberty text of the shirt and the patriot logo are extremely crisp and clean. Dye sublimation allows for any logo, picture text or print to be printed in a high quality garment. Adding stripes logos, argyle or checker prints, or anything you can think of is very easy.

Practice Basketball Pinnie

We can all agree that the basketball pinnie has really come a long way since the days when the knee high socks on a basketball court were popular. Today, with the assistance from modern print technology, the moon is the limit.  We are able to replicate just about any type of logo, design, printed pattern or text on to fabric using the dye sublimation process for a sharp and appealing garment. Although it does take a bit longer to produce than your average screen printed mesh jersey.  Yet we believe that if you have the budget for it, you may want to consider going with it.  The sublimated basketball pinnies is a better product.  And all of our products are made to order in Maryland USA.

See more designs with in our basketball jersey section. And if you are looking for full basketball uniforms just give us a call and we can walk you through the process of ordering.  Our company has made tons of uniforms for professional, college and high school leagues. We can make any design you can think of.  But you do not have to break the teams bank ordering it.  

Call us today and we will help you customize pinnies at an affordable price. Do not over pay to resellers. We want you wearing our custom Lightning bolt brand.


Our Promise To Our Readers

We promise to our readers to be the best pinnie site on the internet. With that promise comes lots of unanswered questions.

  • What is the best reversible pinnies with numbers for 2019?
  • Or, What is the best reversible pinnies from previous years?
  • And, What is the best reversible pinnies with numbers available and where?
  • Lastly, what is the most affordable and cost effective pinnie for our team or club.

These questions all have the reader on their toes. We encourage you to look around on the internet. But what we can tell you is that there are a lot of people that do not know what they are doing. So, if you have any questions or comments about what you have read here or anywhere, give us a call or write us.

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