Pinny Shirt

Pinny Shirt

Customized Pinny Shirt

Get your pinny shirt with unlimited designs and colors only at Lightning Wear.

All aboard. Time for some Pony Express Soccer Pinnies to make their way out to Storrs-Mansfield, Connecticut. Thanks for the order! Get your pinny shirt design any way you want it. Made in the USA. We are the worlds leading manufacturer of custom soccer pinnies. The Zebra print soccer pinnie is perhaps one of the biggest items we have made for soccer teams in 2012. For under $30 you can design your own on our site with custom names numbers and logos. This team added two logos to the front and custom names and numbers to the back.

Call us today and we can walk you through the painless process of ordering your custom gear. We make custom soccer uniforms and team jerseys for clubs all over the globe. All of our garments are cut sewn and printed in our Maryland USA factory. We want your team or club wearing our lightning bolt.  Also, look at our long sleeve shooter shirts.  They make great warm up shirts.

Soccer is usually a year round sport.  So depending on what area of the globe you are from, you may experience seasons.  A long sleeve shirt is a great way to keep warm when you are sitting between games in the cold.

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