Get this Red Black Polka Dot shorts and create an impression. It has the contradicting yet brave color of red and black. Therefore, it screams confidence and strength. Red surface with black polka dots? Sounds interesting to wear, right?  This is the perfect clothing to wear both indoor and outdoor!

Red Black Polka Dot Shorts Features:

  • Made from high-quality material. – Lightning Wear ensures that every material used for every product is of premium quality only. It is one of the reasons why customers keep on coming back to us.
  • Available in different sizes. – knowing the size is one of the primary factors that contribute to comfortable clothing. Thus, we create products for everyone of different sizes.
  • Produced in Maryland, USA. – we are located in the US and we are here to assist everyone who is in need of high-quality uniforms.
  • High-Quality Design.– Lightning Wear is one of the best in the industry because we use the latest technology in designing each of our products.

Team color in every sport is important. It represents power, strength, and passion of a whole team. Thus, it is one of the most commonly used in team uniforms. The unique color and design of a jersey give a team a big impression from the opponents. But, besides the color, jersey material is also important. A sports uniform should not be a hinder for a player to show his or her potential. So, choosing the right jersey is very important. The mentioned features are just some of the advantages of our this Red Black Polka Dot Shorts. So, try it for yourself!

Design Your Own!

We, at Lightning Wear, prioritize customer satisfaction. Therefore, we allow our customers to design their own jersey. You can mix and match different colors and integrate your own design. But, if you’re not good with combinations, our designer can do it for you. Just tell us what you want and we will create it for you.


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