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Referee Shirts

Custom Referee Shirts

Referee shirts from Lightning Wear. Did you know that since we do full dye sublimation of shooter shirts, shorts and pinnies, we are capable of producing referee soccer shirts with just about any design pattern or color you can think of. Of course black and white vertical stripes have always been the traditional colors for a ref shirt, but we are able to do any other color you can think of as well. Orange and white stripes seem popular and so does the pink and white stripe this month in honor of breast cancer awareness.

referee shirts

referee shirts


We were all laughing here at the factory because in one way shape or form, we have all been referees for some type of sports. Some here at LW have reffed in professional team play (namely a season with the Premier league of soccer in England). My experience has been with soccer, basketball and mens lacrosse all at the very little league of play. After sitting through many weekends of games and tournaments, I definitely have a new appreciation for our friends in the striped shirts. The verbal and physical abuse that some of these folks have to go through is unnecessary. I know personally if I had to put up with some of the bs that these guys and gals go through on a regular basis, I would quit. If you are the person or people reading this that are giving them a hard time, please loosen up on them, will ya?

Keep in mind that a lot of these referees, bad are good, are giving up their time and energy, especially at the little league age, for the growth and development of the sport. So please give your referee at your next game a pat on the back of congratulations and thanks. Just my two cents….

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