Irish Pub Boxing Long Sleeve Shirt Black

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Boxing has become an efficient way to maintain fitness and health. It is a “sweet science” that utilizes head movements, punches, and footwork to form a striking system. The most popular boxing athletes across the globe include Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, and Muhammad Ali. Their ferocity, power, and technical knowledge never fail to amaze every person that watches them inside the ring. If you want to be the next boxing legend in history, you need the right gear. And what better way to achieve that goal with this black long sleeve shirt perfect for boxing gyms, boxing teams, and repping your pick for the next big fight?


  • Fabric. A necessary layer for all boxing rats out there, this black long sleeve shirt has patented moisture-wicking technology to keep you fresh, dry, and comfortable throughout the session.
  • Style. With its relaxed and ultra-comfortable fit, you will be in awe about the way you look in this classic solid piece.
  • Sizes. Find the right size by comparing the measurements of your garments at home with our size chart.
  • Care Instruction. Turn the garment inside-out, and machine wash it using a cold water temperature on a gentle cycle. Use mild detergent and tumble dry or air dry.

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