Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Here goes some senior class powder puff jerseys hot off the press to Oakton Virginia.
Apparently the girls and guys from Oakton will be winning powder puff this year before they even step out on the field. The reason is pretty clear. Their custom reversible tie dye jerseys will make them by far the best dressed anywhere. The team designed and ordered the mens plain pinnie (unisex). Also, they added the Good V18es logo to the front to show off their pride for the class of 2018. Additionally, on the back they added the 18 again as each players number. They also added a host of cool nicknames for each player on the team.

Custom Senior Class Powder Puff Jerseys

The thing I love the most about these senior class powderpuff jerseys is that the team designed and ordered these completely by themselves. The tie dye that you see pictured was a pattern that they uploaded using our special color uploader. The names and numbers were added using the team name section. My suggestion would be that if you are uploading or typing in a list that is sizable to just call us. We prefer excel spreadsheets with the size, nickname and number in them. As well, the team ordered these paying the 25% rush service fee. This guarantees delivery within seven business days. Unlike a traditional tie dye where buckets of ink and rubber bands are used, our process for print is a little different. Everything you see on the reversible jerseys is digitally printed on to paper then transferred to fabric at an extremely high heat. There are no color restrictions or guesses like in normal tie dying. Pretty cool huh. Is that freedom rock? Well turn it up. Sorry I am quoting an old commercial for a mixed record they used to sell on TV in the eighties. So, if you are in a hurry to get your custom gear, give us a call and we will walk you through the process. We can be reached at 888-438-7875 any time. Be sure to also check out our custom blankets. They can be printed with tie dye too.

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