Shakerz Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirts

Create Shakerz Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirts

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Avon Walk, the crew from the Salt Shakerz lacrosse program put together a fantastic design of sublimated lacrosse hooded sweatshirts. The hot pink print looks great on both the front back and sleeve. The shirts start off as a blank white canvas of paper and fabric and are then transformed in to this masterpiece. Its great to see a fine group of athletes coming together this time of the year for such a great cause. We have started the #strikecancer hashtag on our instagram @laxpinnies this month to showcase some of the cool cancer awareness lacrosse pinnies, shorts, shirts and sweats that we have done for all of our great customers. Shakerz lacrosse hooded sweatshirts are made in the USA.

AVon walk for breast cancer

If you have a minute you should definitely check out the Avon Walk for Breat Cancer website and see all the great things they do to raise funds for cancer research. There are so many great stories on the site of walkers that have fought against such a powerful and harmful disease. Thanks for visiting our site.

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