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Thank your for visiting our blog site. We manufacture custom tshirts that you can design online. We make custom tshirts, lacrosse pinnies, lacrosse tank tops, custom shorts, jerseys and hooded sweat shirts and sweatpants. The great thing that makes us different from many other companies is that we use dye sublimation technology for uniforms and lacrosse t shirts. .

All over printing is the future of all types of garments. Many imprinters avoid this type of printing because for many clients it can be cost prohibitive. However, the old saying goes, you pay for what you get. If you are looking for a cotton t shirt then this may not be your thing.

One of my colleagues received an email from a very ignorant person today saying that they received their American flag shirt and thought it was going to be cotton. The reason I call them ignorant was because they made a rather disparaging remark in reference to homosexuals. What is wrong with the people on this earth? Is your life really that bad that you have to make a comment about another racer or group of people. Sorry to vent but that really angered me.

We can do a design on your t shirt that covers the entire shirt, not just with in a specified area or region. We love to work with your teams or coaches to design and customize the best tshirts out there. The shirt starts out as an idea. Then our artists take that idea and put it on a digital file with digital patterns. It is printed with high quality dye sublimation ink. Next the paper and ink is applied at an extremely high temperature to moisture wicking fabric. The fabric is then cut and sewn for shipment. In all, it make for a fantastic process. You never really realize how much goes in to the clothes you are wearing until you see it done in person. Thanks again for visiting.

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