Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon Shorts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Here goes some great Sigma Phi Epsilon Shorts from Lightning Wear. Our custom Lacrosse Shorts are headed to some ballers in Florida. These were purchased right off of the LP site. To order yours click here. Be sure to specify whether you want them in the basketball style shorts which have an 11" inseam or lacrosse style shorts which havea slightly smaller 9" inseam. Either way they may a great pair of shorts to wear on or off the field. Thanks Sig Ep for the great orders and have a great Halloween.

Sorority Shorts

Ladies we make sorority shorts too. Our womens lacrosse shorts are a seven inch inseam. You can design and order them right off of our shorts design site. But if you are not too keen on technology, just give one of our in house artists a call. If your fraternity or sorority has a style of custom shorts, shooter shirts or reversible jerseys with a cool design in mind, give us a call and we can help design something cool. As well we should be able to stay within your budget but still make you look fresh. We also manufacture custom shooter shirts and plenty of intramural basketball uniforms for fraternities across the globe. If you are on a tight budget give us a ring and we can work out a price that is reasonable. Most of us here at Lightning Wear are former college hooligans. We know what it is like living on a fixed stipend. Let us know what the event is for and we can also work out our production schedule. We want to make sure your gear is delivered when you need it in time for your event or game. If you are looking for sigma phi epsilon shorts or shorts for any club, give us a shout.

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