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Soccer Uniforms

Boys Soccer Uniforms

Design Your Soccer Jerseys

Soccer uniforms custom from Lightning Wear.

Gotta love the spirit and fun of these young whipper snappers in their St Patricks uniforms. Lightning Wear manufactures custom soccer jerseys and soccer shorts as well as hooded warmups. We also manufacture long sleeve game jerseys. The uniforms are made to order in adult and children’s sizes. Saint Patricks coach said that he wanted his team looking like a world cup contender. Forget about how they play, in these uniforms the fun begins and never ends. The school colors were green and white. So to make them stand out the coach came up with a very colorful and fun team logo. As a matter of fact, the soccer logo on the front of the sublimated soccer jerseys was six colors in total.

Soccer Uniform Design Ideas

We are your source for soccer uniform design ideas. Our staff can work with your teams designs ideas. But more importantly, we can stay within a reasonable budget. We use a very unique process called dye sublimation for all of our custom soccer apparel. If the shirts you see above were screen printed, the cost along for a six color logo would have run over $50 per jersey. Instead, the Badgers team was able to get their custom jerseys in hands for under $35.

Although the site says we are a lacrosse company, our backbone is soccer. Our production manager knows his way around the field and knows kits like no other. He played in England for the premier league team Blackpool. We know soccer and we know how to make you and your team look great in our gear at an affordable price.

Add sponsors, names, numbers or whatever you want to any part of your custom uniforms. With the help of this fantastic dye sublimation technology the possibilities are endless. Soccer uniforms and soccer reversibles custom made to your teams logos, personalization and creative style. Our soccer uniforms custom are proudly made in Maryland USA.

Below are links to the many designs that we have created for soccer pinnies and other soccer apparel. You can open the design and alter the text to match your teams identity for soccer uniforms and soccer jerseys. Feel free to call us at 888-GET-STRK with any design questions.

Striped Maroon Soccer Jerseys

Check out these sublimated Maroon soccer jerseys we made for the Clark Park FC. These gents wanted to spruce up their current look with one of our stock designs. So, the second color chosen on these was athletic gold. They designed and ordered it on our Lightning Wear site. For around $35 per jersey, they are now able to look like professionals.

maroon soccer jerseys

maroon soccer jerseys

We will be adding a soccer jersey and soccer uniforms section to the lacrosse pinnies site soon. Most of our soccer friends see that lacrosse pinnies site name and get turned away. Never fear my friends. Although the site name is not exactly soccer friendly, we here at Lightning Wear are. Our roots are with soccer. Personally, I played soccer for a number of years in the MSI program. Our head guy here played for Blackpool in the British Premier League. So to say we know soccer and soccer kits is an understatement for sure.

Youth Soccer Jerseys

Our youth soccer jerseys start at a size youth extra small. In the adult, we can manufacture as big as 5xl. We also make girls soccer uniforms too. One thing you will notice about the design pictured is that the lines, logo, and text all match up wonderfully. When these guys designed these jerseys, they had a white box around the logo that they uploaded and the text was a wee bit off-centered. They left a nice little reminder note in their order details. Our in house artist was able to touch up, center and remove the white box with ease. If you are working on our design and cannot seem to make it work, we suggest that you do your best to place the order. Then, we can prove it and adjust before going to print.

In all, these maroon soccer jerseys turned out sweet. Feel free to call us with any soccer uniform or design questions at 888-438-7875;


Design Your Own Soccer Uniform

sublimated soccer uniforms

sublimated soccer uniforms

Check out these sublimated soccer uniforms from Lightning Wear. The Kelly Walsh High School soccer team was looking for a fast turn around on dye sublimated soccer jerseys and soccer shorts. They wanted a new look that could match their school colors. We worked closely with their coach to come up with a top and bottom set that was within their budget. The goal was matching the school green that was in their logo with an athletic gold accent. As well, the team wanted a cool looking Premier league style font completing the professional look. So, the soccer shorts were solid green with gold waistband and side green accents. We added the team player numbers to this area as well.

Kelly Walsh’s soccer team was in sort of a rush. They play in Casper Wyoming and needed the unis for a big soccer tournament. We made and shipped these to the team in under two weeks. Usually, we tell everyone that production is between three and four weeks. In this case, the guys involved were really cool.

Our team pushed to get these soccer uniforms printed pressed sewn and shipped in time to the big showdown. We never make quick promises. Normally, we charge a rush service fee of 25% of the order total. But in this case, it was a cool project, the customer was great, and the production timing was right, so it all worked out.

Soccer Design Uniforms

Soccer design uniforms are as easy as you want to make it. KW chose the particular design based on a product seton the Lightning Wear site. But, you are not limited to the custom designs on our sites. Our designer has some great starter templates. If you have a look in mind that you are trying to go for, send it to us. Also, our on-site graphic artists can work up a kit that will compare to any premier league team, at a fraction of the price. Call us for all of your sublimated soccer uniforms needs.


Boys Soccer Uniforms

boys soccer uniforms

boys soccer uniforms

Special thanks to Steve and the U12 Champions in Frisco Texas for this awesome picture of the Crimson Team in their boys soccer uniforms. The team took the championship this past weekend and their coaches and staff seem to think that the Lightning Wear uniforms had a lot to do with it. You know the old saying when you look good you play good too.

The sublimated soccer jerseys were raglan cut in maroon color. We added the white sleeves with the Texas flag on one side and the player number on the left.

The sublimated shorts were white and simple. Boys added their custom numbers to the bottoms of these as well. So as you can see we are definitely not just a lacrosse company. More so, our guys may not be in the pro soccer circuit, but they sure know how to make their parents and coaches smile. Their great play in our uniforms makes us very proud too. Congratulations boys.

Sublimated Boys Soccer Uniforms

As you can see, the possibilities with sublimated boys’ soccer uniforms are endless. We have a set group of colors we use. But if you have another color in mind that you do not see, there is a great chance that we are going to match whatever it is you are looking for. The same goes for numbers of logos and patterns. Because this stuff is dyed into the fabric our possibilities are endless. Our adult and kids soccer uniforms are made to last more than just a season too. Coach Steve buys a lot of uniforms from us. He will hopefully attest to the fact that our uniforms are quality, but they do not break your wallet.

So if you are looking to get some cool soccer uniforms designed up, give us a call and our art department will make boys soccer uniforms that will make you win. Well maybe. They will definitely make you look cool.

Make Kids Soccer Uniforms

Here goes a pretty cool looking set of kids soccer uniforms to the ladies of Menlo Georgia. The team also made a custom soccer keepers jersey as well.

kids soccer uniforms

kids soccer uniforms

The Lady Dogs is a group of mostly youth-sized uniforms. They went with the neon green and royal blue striped soccer jerseys. On the front, the team chose one of our cool stock logos from the jersey designer section of the site. If you noticed they added a tough-looking bulldog on the sleeve of the jersey. On the backs of the striped jerseys, they added custom team player names and numbers. As well they added the Bulldogs text to the bottom hem of the backs of the uniforms.

For under $35 you can get a fully dye sublimated soccer jersey with any print pattern name, number or text. With this, you can add tons of designs styles or patterns with any size. Our jerseys are unisex so girls and boys can wear this. If you are a team that is looking to get a great and reliable set of custom jerseys or shorts, just give us a call at 888-438-7875.

Below is a video I saw of Paul Pogba. He is a professional soccer player that plays for Manchester. He is a remarkable player and his moves are some of the most explosive and greatest I have seen in a while. I hope you enjoy it.





Custom Soccer Uniforms Wholesale – Sublimated

Soccer uniforms wholesale from Lightning Wear. We offer vendor pricing and special quantity discounts to all licensed and registered vendors or resellers. Our soccer uniform wholesale pricing is competitive and our turn times are fast. I had to laugh today because a price sheet for one of the biggest sports apparel manufacturers out there came across my desk. I was shocked to hear what the price was on their sublimated soccer, basketball and lacrosse uniforms for resellers. Disgusting.

Soccer Uniforms Wholesale

Soccer Uniforms Wholesale

Lightning Wear Soccer Uniforms

What you need to know about Lightning Wear is that in the grand scheme of things, we are on the smaller side of the soccer equipment manufacturers in the world. What that means is that we are here and committed to making our brand and our product grow like the big guys. You can look and feel like your favorite pro or college team for any sports uniforms but pay half of the price. Our company doesn’t own private jets or third vacation homes. Management, owners and staff work together to meet deadlines and produce what we feel is a superior product to the big guys. Give us a shout and let us outfit your next soccer team.





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