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Soccer uniforms custom from Lightning Wear.
Gotta love the spirit and fun of these young whipper snappers in their St Patricks uniforms. Lightning Wear manufactures custom soccer jerseys and soccer shorts as well as hooded warmups. We also manufacture long sleeve game jerseys. The uniforms are made to order in adult and children’s sizes. Saint Patricks coach said that he wanted his team looking like a world cup contender. Forget about how they play, in these uniforms the fun begins and never ends. The school colors were green and white. So to make them stand out the coach came up with a very colorful and fun team logo. As a matter of fact, the soccer logo on the front of the sublimated soccer jerseys was six colors in total.

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Soccer Uniform Design Ideas

We are your source for soccer uniform design ideas. Our staff can work with your teams designs ideas. But more importantly, we can stay within a reasonable budget. We use a very unique process called dye sublimation for all of our custom soccer apparel. If the shirts you see above were screen printed, the cost along for a six color logo would have run over $50 per jersey. Instead, the Badgers team was able to get their custom jerseys in hands for under $35.

Although the site says we are a lacrosse company, our backbone is soccer. Our production manager knows his way around the field and knows kits like no other. He played in England for the premier league team Blackpool. We know soccer and we know how to make you and your team look great in our gear at an affordable price.

Add sponsors, names, numbers or whatever you want to any part of your custom uniforms. With the help of this fantastic dye sublimation technology the possibilities are endless. Create soccer reversibles custom made to your teams logos, personalization and creative style. We make our soccer team uniforms custom in Maryland USA.

Below are links to the many designs that we have created for soccer pinnies and other soccer apparel. You can open the design and alter the text to match your teams identity for soccer uniforms and soccer jerseys. Feel free to call us at 888-GET-STRK with any design questions.

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Custom Soccer Uniforms Wholesale – Sublimated

Soccer uniforms wholesale from Lightning Wear. We offer vendor pricing and special quantity discounts to all licensed and registered vendors or resellers. Our wholesale pricing is competitive and our turn times are fast. I had to laugh today because a price sheet for one of the biggest sports apparel manufacturers out there came across my desk. I was shocked to hear what the price was on their sublimated soccer, basketball and lacrosse uniforms for resellers. Disgusting.

Lightning Wear Soccer Uniforms

What you need to know about Lightning Wear is that in the grand scheme of things, we are on the smaller side of the soccer equipment manufacturers in the world. What that means is that we are here and committed to making our brand and our product grow like the big guys. You can look and feel like your favorite pro or college team for any sports uniforms but pay half of the price. Our company doesn’t own private jets or third vacation homes. Management, owners and staff work together to meet deadlines and produce what we feel is a superior product to the big guys. Give us a shout and let us outfit your next soccer team.

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We run a pretty tight ship here at Lightning Wear. We do offer expedited services for a fee. Otherwsie, your order will likely process in around 21 business days. Depending on the time of the season, that turn time can change for the better or the worse. If you need sooner, let us know and we will try to help with your sublimated lax uniforms. Naturally, we are humans so we know that parents and coaches sometimes will forget to place their order in time for their tournament or deadline.

Our team understands these circumstances. We are always willing to help in every way we can. Our company wants to get you your order of custom uniforms within a reasonable amount of time. We are fun people that are always willing to help. Unfortunately, we do not take kindly to bullies. If you think screaming or bossing us around is going to make your order go any faster, you are likely only going to make things worse.

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For your uniform information. Our sublimated lacrosse uniforms are the most durable and long lasting on the market.