Sports Pinnies

sawyer schoen pinnies

Sports Pinnies

Sports Pinnies

Pinnies for Sports

Sports pinniesfrom Lightning Wear Apparel. Design your own custom pinnies for sports in a ton of different colors and styles.

sports pinnies

sports pinnies

Pictured below is an image of Team Hubs outstanding jerseys in honor of JC. Several years ago we had another order come in with the original flow on it. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

Anywho, sports pinnies are essential to ever sports team or coach for practice or even games. We manufacture two different fabric types of pinnies. The first is a polyester wide eyed mesh with holes in it. The second does not have holes in it and is called dimple mesh. It can almost be described like a thin golf shirt material. They both work great for sports pinnies.

Basketball Jerseys

Basketball jerseys come in both sublimated and screen printed options. The less expensive alternative is the wide eyed mesh. This comes in a variety of stock colors including a few patterns. It is lightweight and very durable. I always get angry when I see companies online fooling people with their 6 dollar pinnies. My mom always taught me that if it sounds too good to be true usually it is. The six dollar pinnies you see online are most always poor quality. Their colors are known to bleed and the material itself melts when you dry it. As well the holes in the mesh rip and pull within a few days. I am not saying this to badmouth competition or others products. My point is that we use a quality and tested fabric that lasts for many seasons.

The other fabric I mentioned is the micromesh. This is great for pinnies for sports as well. We use this fabric when we sublimate or dye the designs or patterns of a jersey. We like to call this the Cadillac model because it is durable, vivid with colors and also made to last.

Both styles of fabric are made to last perspiration and wick sweat. Call us for more information on this or any other products.

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