Sublimated Custom Lacrosse Jerseys

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Sublimated Custom Lacrosse Jerseys

Custom Sublimated Custom Lacrosse Jerseys

Sublimated custom lacrosse jerseys and Sublimated lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear. Here goes a vicious set to the 2 teams playing for The Roof in Bethesda Maryland. This is another team playing in the DC lacrosse club.

sublimated custom lacrosse jerseys

sublimated custom lacrosse jerseys

Thanks for the order and good luck with the summer season. We will see you down at The Roof for some cold adult beverages. All of our lacrosse apparel is American made.

The Roof team designs a dust color gray set of faded camouflage on light side of the jerseys with a curved and argyle accent side panel. On the inner side they went with a red funky black accent camouflage with black and white side panels and a continued red argyle rectangle going up a small portion of the side of the reversible jerseys.

Unfortunately this design is pretty sophisticated so it is not something that you are easily able to make on our custom uniform builder. Our online designer allows for the cookie cuttter design and patterns. Someone with some artistic ability may be able to work with the designer. However the average Joe that goes on the site would have a tough time making the images below work properly.

In House Graphic Artists

We had to bring in the talent of one of our in house graphic artists. The team provided the DC logo and the Roof logo and left the rest of the designing and finishing touches to the pros. They added a USA flag on he back of the jerseys. As well, they chose a very prominent font for the numbers so that the referees could see them when they were on the field.

Personally, I love how these uniforms turned out. The matching lacrosse shorts made for a really great looking set of team uniforms. After the games, you can go down to Bethesda and see the team of laxers wearing these great duds in and around the happy hour.

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