Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Custom Sublimated Fishing Shirts

Custom Fish Team Shirts

Sublimated fishing shirts from Lightning Wear. We always love when our great customers order these custom fishing shirts. I personally love the logos and the cool sleeve design for these long sleeve shooting shirts. The great thing about dye sublimation is that you can add however many logos, patterns, patches or design to the garment and they look super sharp and clean. Make you own sublimated fishing shirts with any team sponsor, website or brand. We make everything here in Maryland USA custom. These can be found under long sleeve shooter shirts by clicking on the link. Seeing a custom fishing shirt like this definitely makes me want the weather to turn warmer. Call us today for some design ideas and we can help you look good when your are out baiting up the big hook. Thanks for the order!

Made in the USA

Made in the USA is always a great thing to say. There has been such a push recently for the made in America branding. For me, it is definitely a pride thing. It is a great feeling to know that each and every aspect of our operations is made in the USA. I get so frustrated when I see American flag shirts with tags in them that say made in Pakistan. Nothing against people from Pakistan. I am sure they are great. But how could you possibly wear something like a fishing shirt which is as American as it gets that is made by someone in another country that really doesnt give two bats about you or your cool custom shirts. At Lightning Wear we print cut and sew your shirts right from our Maryland factory. This means that your shipment is not held in customs or delayed because of a long plane or boat ride. Call us today at 888-438-7875 and we will get your sublimated fishing shirts made up for you in time for the next tournament. Also, we recently added a long sleeve hooded t shirt. These shirts are really popular with our fishing crowd.  You can add cool logos, designs and text just like the ones you see pictured.  Or, you can just keep them plain if you want.  Call us and we can try to help you with design ideas and questions.

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