Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Create your own custom sublimated hockey jersey from Lightning Wear. The Green Hornets sublimated hockey jerseys are perhaps some of the best ice hockey uniforms we have seen come across the press in a while. Although you may think we are a lacrosse company by trade, that is not true.  You will see by our different social advertisements, Lightning Wear is ready for just about any sport. We make the jerseys seen below in adult and youth sizes.  But goalies have no fear. We make sized jerseys for the big boys and girls that protect the net.
sublimated hockey jersey
sublimated hockey jersey


Because we are able to cover print on the full part of the jersey, your design options and personalization capabilities are endless. This means that you can have unlimited colors, unlimited text, unlimited design and unlimited area coverage. Get your team together and get the ideas flowing. We use a polyester heavy dimple mesh that is double stitched.  It is ready for the rough wear and tear of your hockey teams. These make great club or organized jerseys.  And, they can be altered to you and your teams needs. And we usually say that they are 4 weeks turn time. They range in price but are normally around 50-60 dollars. Lightning Wear understands that much of our competition is overseas.  We also know that most resellers are selling at 80-100 dollars per jersey.  So we make these things affordable.  And, we ship outside the US for all other hockey enthusiast. So, please call us for team and shipping pricing on ice hockey uniforms.  Our Sublimated Hockey Jersey is well made and ready for wear.

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