sublimated lacrosse hoody

Sublimated Lacrosse Hoody

Custom Sublimated Lacrosse Hoody

Maryland Sweatshirts

Custom sublimated lacrosse hoody from Lightning Wear. Here goes a very wacky set of sublimated Maryland sweatshirts to our pals in Rockville, Maryland. The sublimated lacrosse hoody is one of our many products that can be designed any way you want it. We have been getting a lot of comments on our instagram (@laxpinnies) profile today. The one I had to chuckle at was from someone saying kinda busy in a good way. I have to agree that there is definitely a lot going on with this design. If there was an ugly sweater party, this might take the prize. Just kidding, we love it. Buy this online.

Be sure to browse through some of our stock templates to design your custom hooded sweatshirts. Keep in mind that you are not limited to the templates shown on the design site. The inner hood, outer hood, sleeves, pocket, front and back can all have different designs, patterns or prints. As well, the colors are not limited to the ones shown on the design site.

If you are having problems using our uniform builder, feel free to call us at 888-438-7875 and we can have you speak with one of our in house graphic designers.

Custom hooded sweatshirts normally take 4-6 weeks to produce. Please call or write us for more information on this product. Made from scratch in Kensington, Maryland USA.

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