Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Custom Sublimated Lacrosse Sweatshirts

Design Sublimated Hoodies

Make Sublimated Lacrosse Sweatshirts from Lightning Wear. We want to wish everyone a happy New Year from all of us at Lightning Wear Apparel and LacrossePinnies. We thank you all for the opportunity to outfit your teams and clubs with our custom USA made apparel. Your business is important to us and we are proud of what we have accomplished this year. More exciting things to come in 2014! Take time to enjoy your family and friends. Stay safe and we look forward to working with you in the New Year.

Sublimated Sweatshirts

Dye sublimated sweatshirts have become a huge craze across North America. We use a light weight but very durable dye sublimation fabric. Unlike your standard fleece hoody, these things can be printed anywhere on the garment. Swarm lacrosse did a sweet honeycomb pattern on the sleeve and a sick logo on the front pocket. The hood and front center chest carried the amazing logo as well. You can add team names, numbers and logos anywhere you want on these things including the sleeve and rib. For around $60 you can get a team sublimated sweatshirt that is the envy of the league. These can be a great addition to your custom lacrosse uniforms. Unlike our competitors, we are not a reseller and we do not buy our goods from some dodgy manufacturer overseas or below the US border. We employ hard working well paid Americans that are eager to have teams all over the world wearing our goods.

Youth Sublimated Sweat Shirts

Adult and youth sublimated sweat shirts are not limited to just lacrosse teams. We make basketball hooded sweatshirts, and hoodies for just about any sport you can think of. Although we do not have them currently up on our site, we also manufacture some pretty great sublimated sweat pants as well. I still own a pair of Maryland flag sweatpants we made a few years back and they are as comfortable as ever. We offer some great bulk discounts on orders over 30 pieces. Give us a call for your next sublimated lacrosse sweatshirts at 888-438-7875.

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