Sublimated Shorts – Sublimated Custom Shorts

sublimated shorts

Sublimated Shorts – Sublimated Custom Shorts

Custom Sublimated Shorts

Sublimated Shorts from Lightning Wear Here goes our first official pair of sublimated shorts from Lightning Wear. We make lacrosse shorts, soccer shorts and basketball shorts. We are getting a little silly over here with this new sublimation machine. Check out these moisture wicking board shorts heading up on the lightning wear site soon. Stay tuned for custom design shorts on the lacrosse pinnies site also.

When we first started Lightning Wear we were primarily focused on making team shorts and polo shirts for some of the local schools and teams that we knew from the DC area. We starting making purchases in bullk from a very reputable manufacturer in China. At the time we made 8 variations of colored shorts with mostly adult sizes being purchased. Then we ventured in to black, red, white and blue polo shirts. Again, we bought a ton of these the first few years and spent a lot of money learning the hard way that keeping inventory and replenishing sizes without a real knowledge of the marked could end up on the bad end. It was a hard lesson and a tough pill to swallow.

Shorts Manufacturer

Thanks right we are a shorts manufacturer. That sounds really cool. We then tried to start using a local manufacturer to cover some of our small order demands on off colors that we did not keep in our very huge inventory of goods. That turned in to the real product that we moved which was lacrosse pinnies. Man did we sell a lot of these things. The lacrossepinnies site was the only one of its kids and we were getting so many orders at that time we almost considered shutting down the phones because we were inexperience and could not handle the orders. With everything good comes a bit of humble pie. After two years of killing it on the mesh pinnies side of things, many of the other brands were catching on.

Our racerback pinnie had been stolen and copied so many times by other manufacturers we could not believe it. Where I am going with this is that we then decided to start doing sublimated lacrosse shorts and team uniforms.

There are a lot of moving parts with dye sublimation, but we feel we are perfecting our skills and now can handle just about any design, quantity or special request. Call us and we will show you what we are capable of with sublimated shorts.

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