Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Customize Sublimated Softball Sweatshirts

It's that chilly time of the year just perfect for sublimated softball sweatshirts from Lightning Wear. We like to say that we never play favorites but Rudy and the guys and gals from the Phoenix Softball team are some of the coolest people we work with. The guy always comes in here with a huge smile and brightens up everyone in the building. We outfit their team with custom softball jerseys and team apparel. Most recently, they have ordered some of our polyester fleece sublimated sweatshirts. The team went with a charcoal grey hoodie with the Maryland flag imprint in the inner hood and pocket. They added the state flag on the right sleeve. Additionally, on the left sleeve, they added numbers. Then, on the back they also added a big Maryland flag map to complete the great look. Our Maryland hooded sweatshirt is probably one of our hottest selling products. We print cut and sew these dye sublimated sweatshirts in all sizes. This means that we make them in adult and kids sizing too. Also, like all of our other products, you can add custom names, numbers, logos or fonts to any part of the jersey. Our site has a pretty simple selection of the hoodies. But, if you want to get in more detail or more colors, call us and we will help design one.


Unfortunately, our sublimated hoodies are one of the products we make that does require some production time.  Normal turn time for a custom hoodie is about four weeks. So, if you are in a super rush, try out the guys and from USA Couriers.  Sadly, there are times when our customers need their gear in a jiffy.  Joe and the rest of the crew over there are always helpful.  They make sure our stuff gets to the customer when they need it.  Even if the delivery is needed on the same day. There is no minimum order on these hoodies either. This means you can order one or one thousand. Prices are under $60 all in. So if you and your team are interested in some of our great hooded sweatshirts, give us a call at 888-438-7875 and we will get the process started. All of our garments are made from scratch in our Maryland USA factory. Add the hoodies to your sublimated uniforms order. As well, if you have a fundraiser or special cause that you are making your gear for, please let us know. We will provide you with any available discounts or promotions that we have. And remember to check out our softball uniforms.

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