sublimated softball uniforms

Sublimated Softball Uniforms

Custom Sublimated Softball Uniforms

Dye Sublimated Softball Uniforms from Lightning Wear. Some of our local Maryland based softball pals are heading south soon away from the colder temperatures for some good old fashioned competitive softball. We made sure that they will be the talk of the tournament in these softball jerseys based on their TEAM DIRTY name. These jerseys definitely live up to the name because they are dirty as in pretty cool. Since they chose a brown camouflage with a Maryland flag accent, even when they are dirty, you will never really know it.

We love helping teams come up with designs to meet their requirements. If you or team is looking for tournament uniforms just call us for team pricing and design and we will hook you up with a full service and great experience. We work with tight schedules, especially during our busy seasons. If you need us, we will do our best to deliver on the date that you need it.

Dye Sublimated Uniforms

We make dye sublimated uniforms in our Kensington, Maryland facility. The great thing about working directly with a manufacturer is that your order never goes out of date or gets discontinued. I was browsing a competitors website the other day that is now doing dye sublimation. What I realized is that there are a lot of companies in the US and abroad that are attempting to get in to dye sublimation that have no experience with it what so ever. Unlike many of our bigger competitors, we have over 10 years of experience with custom dye sub. We use the best inks and paper and we know what fabric works and what does not. We cut and sew our garments so there are no spots, overprints or blurs. LW knows what we are doing. Call us for team pricing on your next sublimated softball uniforms purchase.

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