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Sublimated Sweatpants

Make Sublimated Sweatpants

Get your sublimated sweatpants from Lightning Wear. Its beginning to look like Christmas, or any other holiday we celebrate this time of the year. Seasons greetings everyone. Attached is a picture of a cool set of sublimated sweatshirts andlacrosse sweatshirts. We have not added the sublimated sweatpants back to our site yet, but we are definitely taking orders. The incredible thing about these pants is that they can be design in every square inch. I posted a picture a while back of me wearing some cool Maryland flag sweatpants. We can make sweatpants with wide open bottoms and pocketsany way you want them.

sublimated sweatpants

sublimated sweatpants

Custom Sweatpants

If you have a design or pattern in mind, please call us and we can get matching sublimated sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts. We use a pretty heavy and very comfortable poly cotton fleece. All orders are cut sewn and printed in our Maryland factory. Call us for team pricing on custom sweatpants.

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