Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Create Sublimated Swim Team Shorts

Custom Swim Team Shorts

Shop sublimated swim team shorts and custom swim team reversible jerseys from Lightning Wear. Here goes some solid sets of sublimated shorts and jerseys to the Shady Side Swim Team. Best wishes and thanks for the great order. Our swim team shorts seem to be a huge hit these days. We currently offer three styles of sublimated shorts. The first style is the lacrosse short. These shorts have a nine inch inseam and draw string elastic waistbands. You can get your shorts with or without pockets. Most of our swim teams prefer them with pockets so you can carry your keys wallets ear plugs etc.
sublimated swim team shorts
sublimated swim team shorts

Basketball Short

The next style is the basketball short. These shorts have a longer eleven inch inseam. They also have the elastic waistband and the choice of pockets or no pockets. Basketball shorts are dye sublimated. This means that you can print anywhere on the garment that you think of. So if you want a picture of your best pal on the front or tail of your shorts, be our guest. The print possibilities on these and any garment are endless. Get a matching set of swim team jerseys to complete the set. For around $65 you can get a matching set of shorts and jersey to show your team pride. The third style of shorts that we offer are the womens lacrosse shorts. These shorts also have an elastic drawstring waistband. The seven inch inseams allow for ladies comfort and a nice fit. Custom swim team shorts can show off your teams logo, pattern design or color with ease. But the greatest thing is that you do not have to be an artist to make a cool looking set of warm up uniforms. We receive hand drawn mockup and renditions all of the time. Our incredible artists can turn your designs in to masterpieces. Call us today for pricing on your sublimated swim team shorts.

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