Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Princeton Sublimated Water Polo Shorts

Check out these sublimated water polo shorts going out to our Ivy League friends up in Princeton New Jersey. A good friend of mine referred these guys to us and they came up with a design that shows their tiger instincts and their school colors. They sent over their logo to our art department with the hopes of creating a unique pair of warmup shorts that made them stand out from the rest. I can say that by looking at them, they will be the talk of the athletic department. These shorts are a 9" inseam with elastic drawstring waistbands. We can make them in adult and youth sizes and they are also available in a womens style short as well. I had a pair of these recreated for our uniform builder site that you can access here.
sublimated water polo shorts
sublimated water polo shorts
Our greatest compliment that you can give us is a referral from one of your friends, family members, loved ones or coworkers. Like any business, we work strictly off of what we bring each day. We take great pride in our product and our service. We are dedicated to providing you with the coolest looking gear out there at a reasonable price. If you are within a certain budget, let us know and we will see what we can do to work within your means. Call today for pricing and design ideas. Thanks for reading. If you like this post, be sure to share it with our social media buttons below.Get sublimated water polo shorts made in America by Lightning Wear.

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