Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Create Sublimated Youth LaxShorts

Here goes a great set of sublimated youth lax shorts from Lightning Wear Apparel. These custom numbered shorts with a cool dragon on the side accent really turned out great. Make sure when you order your custom lacrosse shorts you specify whether or not you want pockets in them. Pocket vs. No Pocket The pocket vs no pocket discussion can always be a fun one. If you asked me what was the preference for sublimated lacrosse shorts, I would tell you really it is a 50/50 split on customer choice. A lot of times, for customers ordering game shorts or team lacrosse shorts, we recommend that you go without the pockets just because the stick can sometimes get caught up in the pocket and cause for an embarrassing slip or rip. We made some shorts for a flag football team recently, and our great customer was telling us that the shorts were better without pockets because when you are being chased and someone is going for the flag, they may grab and rip the pocket. On the other hand, shorts with pockets are great for club teams or if you are just hanging around with the pals. On most mens sublimated lax shorts, we go with pockets because people like being able to wear their shorts outside of the game. The pockets are wide and long enough to keep your keys, wallet and other accessories without them disappearing or falling out. So really, the choice is yours but we will make sure that your custom lacrosse shorts are styling either way you want them.

Youth Sizing For Lacrosse Shorts

Youth sizing for lacrosse shorts can be pretty simple. We like to say that our lax shorts are pretty standard in sizing for the industry as a whole. There are a few companies that have entered the market in the last few years for sublimated shorts that have thrown a tail spin on proper sizing. Our size chart gives a pretty accurate description and measurement of how sizes should go. My son is age six for example and he normally wears a youth small. I am about 6'2 240lbs on any given day and I will normally wear a 2XL for room and comfort. Other than that, the sizes are based on your weight. If you are unsure about what to order for your custom shorts, feel free to call us.

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