swim team shorts

Swim Team Shorts

Green Swim Team Shorts

It is alwaysa treat to outfit cool teams with our cool product. We made these swim team shorts for the Glenwood swim club. Swim team sublimated shorts can be custom made to any style, pattern or color. These tartan print side panels really came out great with the team logo going up the left leg. Because we used dye sublimation, placement and color of logos is not restricted.

Team Apparel

We outfit a ton of swim teams and other organizations not related to lacrosse. Looking back, although we started out as a semi lacrosse company, we have so many people that work for us from different backgrounds of sports and leisure that it was only a natural progression that we expand to other sports. Personally, I used to go to Glenwood pool as a kid to visit my friends so it is cool to see that thirty years later they are still a part of my life in some weird way. Anyhow, enough of my reminiscing… We can make team apparel for just about any kind of team. USA made.

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