Long sleeve shooter shirts in any color or design you can think of. We make everything to order in our Kensington, Maryland factory. Work with the manufacturer direct. Design long sleeve shooter shirts.

floral print long sleeve shirts

Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirts

Custom Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirts

Check out these floral print long sleeve shirts heading north to Glastonbury. The team uploaded this special print using our add your own print feature. The crisp but very clean G on the front. They also added custom names and numbers to the back of the shirts. In all, these turned out fantastic to say the least. With our long sleeve shooter shirts, you can design them any way you want. This leaves the door open for millions of design possibilities and color options. I am not sure whether these were custom long sleeve basketball shooter shirts or long sleeve lacrosse shirts. But either way I can tell you if you are looking for a way to make the team stand out and play better I say that these are the solution. (more…)
boys basketball shirts

Boys Basketball Shirts

Custom Boys Basketball Shirts

Long Sleeve Basketball Shirts

Check out these very cool boys basketball shirts heading north to Massachusetts from Lightning Wear. The team designed these custom long sleeve basketball shirts online using our team uniform builder. They went with the ombre dip dye look changing from red to black. (more…)
Maryland Flag Long Sleeve Shirts

Maryland Long Sleeve Shirt

Custom Maryland Long Sleeve Shirts

Maryland long sleeve shirts from Lightning Wear. Attention Maryland sports fans this is Johnny Holiday, just kidding. (more…)
hockey shooter shirts

Hockey Shooter Shirts – Wounded Warrior

Custom Hockey Shooter Shirts

Hockey shooter shirts have made their way to the Mount Saint Josephs hockey team in Baltimore, Maryland in great support of our wounded warriors. The schools colors are purple so they decided to do a camo themed shirt in honor of our troops. The grey mixes of camouflage looked great with the purple shoulder and neck accents for their hockey shooter shirts. (more…)
American flag long sleeve shirts - long sleeve shooter shirts

American Flag Long Sleeve Shirts

VMI American Flag Long Sleeve Shirts

USA Flag Long Sleeve Shirts

The boys and girls from the Virginia Military Institute will be wearing their American flag long sleeve shirts with pride. (more…)
custom long sleeve shooter shirts

Custom Long Sleeve Shirts

Sublimated Custom Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Our pals from Texas will be looking so sharp in these custom long sleeve shooting shirts with their ranch logo on them. (more…)
design your own shooter shirts

Design Your Own Shooter Shirts

Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Design your own shooter shirts from Lightning Wear Apparel. Use one of our online template designs and pick from colors, design ideas or text. We have the most patterns and color options available in the world. (more…)
ice hole pinnies

Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Make Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Design Custom Shooting Shirts

Design Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts from Lightning Wear. You can get custom long sleeve shirtswith by far the most design possibilities on the web. As many of you know, we currently sell long sleeved shooting shirts for lacrosse and many other sports. Recently, basketball has been one of the biggest sports for this particular item. (more…)