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Shooting shirts from Lightning Wear Apparel. Made in the USA in any color style or patter. Design shooting shirts online or have our artists design for you.

long sleeve shooter shirt

Long Sleeve Shooter Shirt

Make Your Own Shooting Shirts

Create a Long Sleeve Shooter Shirt from Lightning Wear. You can get custom sublimated long sleeve shirts with by far the most design possibilities on the web. As many of you know, we currently sell long sleeved shooting shirts for lacrosse and many other sports. Recently,the bigger seller of these cool shirts has been for basketball. For sure it has been one of the biggest sports for this particular item. The shirts make great basketball warmup shirts. Add names, numbers and logos any where on the side front chest breast neck or back. The shirts below were designed completely on our site without any artist assistance or help. I salute the guy or gal that put this together online. I hope you enjoy your shooter shirts. (more…)
lacrosse shirts

Lacrosse Shirts

Make Your Own Custom Lacrosse Shirts

Lightning Wear is a USA manufacturer of custom short sleeve shooter lacrosse shirts. The 1787 lacrosse team wanted an eye catching shirt that would let their team stand out at tournaments and other team events. Here is a little trivia for you. 1787 plays a significant meaning to our friends to the NE of Delaware. Delaware became the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution, thus making Delaware the first state in the New Nation. I cannot think of a better way to show your team and state pride than to wear a set of custom shooting shirts. The team also added sublimated lacrosse shorts and custom lacrosse jerseys. These articles of clothing were designed with the help of our awesome on site graphic artists. (more…)
long sleeve shooting shirts

Long Sleeve Shooting Shirts

Customize Long Sleeve Shooting Shirts

Design Long Sleeve Shirts

Ballard High School boys will be looking fantastic in their long sleeve shooting shirts. The team made a white shooting shirt long sleeved with custom logos. They added numbers on the sleeve of the long sleeve shooter shirts. (more…)
boys basketball shirts

Boys Basketball Shirts

Custom Boys Basketball Shirts

Long Sleeve Basketball Shirts

Check out these very cool boys basketball shirts heading north to Massachusetts from Lightning Wear. The team designed these custom long sleeve basketball shirts online using our team uniform builder. They went with the ombre dip dye look changing from red to black. (more…)
key club shirts

Key Club Shirts

Long Sleeve Basketball Shooting Shirts and Key club shirts from Lightning Wear. Here goes some custom shooting shirts in long sleeves to the Key Club. They wanted their Gold logo to stand out sharply with the navy blue to gold ombre fade. (more…)

Basketball Shooter Shirts Long Sleeve

Shop Basketball Shooter Shirts Long Sleeve

Design Your Own Basketball Shooting Shirt

Basketball shooter shirts long sleeve from Lightning Wear. (more…)
honey badgers black lacrosse pinnies

Graphic Lacrosse Shirts

Design Graphic Lacrosse Shirts

Greetings all. It has been a few days since my last post but I wanted to showcase these cool looking graphic lacrosse shirts also known here on our end as just shooter shirts. (more…)


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