Texas Flag Shirts

Texas Flag Shirts

Baseball Texas Flag Shirts

Make your own custom Texas flag shirts from Lightning Wear. Texas has gone through havoc in the past week or so.

Texas Flag Shirts

Texas Flag Shirts

If you haven’t turned on the news in the last three days, then you have no clue what Houston Texas and the areas that surround it have endured. Severe flooding and hurricanes have ripped through the state more powerful than anything seen in hundreds of years. Our prayers and thoughts are with all of the people that have lost their loved ones, their homes, and their personal belongings. It is truly amazing to see the good people that have been helping out during this difficult time.

Ironically, we were sewing and printing the Frisco Texas baseball boys jerseys for this weekend’s hopeful tournaments. I am pretty sure that these guys are further north. So it should be game on. Our customer Steve has been working with us for a few years now. He and his team are a pleasure to work with.

His referrals from the Frisco soccer teams for girls and guys have been a great add on to our coverage area. Yes, we make soccer uniforms and baseball uniforms. No matter what sport it is, our team uniforms are made to order in the time you need them. The greatest compliment that you will ever be able to give us is a referral from friends or family.

I would say rain or shine but considering the effect of Hurricane Harvey, all we can offer is prayers. Create custom Texas flag shirts here. We accept customized shirts as well, contact us today!

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