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Tough Mudder Shirts – Custom Shooting Shirts

Custom Tough Mudder Shirts

Custom Shooting Shirts

Tough mudder shirts from Lightning Wear. Custom shooting shirts can be designed in some amazing prints and characters as you can see pictured below with these custom tough mudder shirts. Our customer provided the artwork and layout on this shirt and we were able to transfer in to our pattern. Then we printed it with some sophisticated sublimation inks and a special dye sublimation paper using a wide format printer. The paper roll is then lined up on a huge calendar press and applied to a roll of white fabric at a very high temperature. Then the pattern for each piece of the shirt is cut and sewn together by our very talented seamstresses.

Assembling A Shooter Shirt

We have to be really careful when the shirts are rolled out on our cutting tables. We make sure that each piece matches with the other. If names and numbers are included on the sublimated shirts, they must match accordingly. There are two sleeves, a color, a front and a back that all get assembled to form the complete shirt. The bottom hem is done with a powerful two needle sewing machine. Many people think that our products just appear with the snap of your finger, but there is actually a lot of time and preparation done in connection with manufacturing apparel.

What Colors Can be Used for the Shooter Shirt

The most impressive and amazing thing about sublimated gear is that there is no limitation to the amount of colors and designs you can use on the custom sublimated apparel. Because it is very much like making a sign or printing on a color printer, you can use just about any pattern or color that you can think of. If you are looking for a specific pantone color, we are capable of matching without a problem. Stand out from the competition. Please call our artists today for a tough mudder shirts rendition.

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