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Tribe Lacrosse Shirts

Tribe Lacrosse Shirts

Custom Shirts – Customize Lacrosse Shirts

Here goes the matching set of Tribe lacrosse shirts heading north to Massachusetts.

All of our custom lacrosse shirts are made to order in our Maryland facility. Thank you guys again for the order and good luck to the team this summer season. Custom shirts can be made with the most designs and color options available. When we first started making these dye sublimated shirts, we did not realize the amount of design possibilities there really were. Our first shirt was a solid color with plain numbers and names. Since then we have made every type of print and pattern you can think of. Camouflage, polka dots, stripes, stars you name it.

Dye sublimated shirts let you add any type of image or design with as many colors as you want. The better quality image you send will turn in to the best quality product.

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