Ultimate Frisbee Jerseys

Sublimated Ultimate Frisbee Jerseys

Every year the Sauce Team amazes us with their Ultimate Frisbee Jerseys creations on our pinnies site.

We always love what they come up with for their team. This year they went with the charcoal and black hounds tooth pattern with the inner stripes pattern that is on the site. They added the cool flying saucer Sauce logo on the fronts. On the back, they made some money nicknames and custom numbers for each player. The ordered varied from sizes ranging on youth extra-large to adult large. Funny enough, the kid with the YXL jersey was given the nickname YXL. I had to take a second look at it to make sure, but sure enough, it was correct.

Dye Sublimation Technology

Their jerseys were made using our famous dye sublimation technology. I do not think that people really understand what a process this really entails. Also, the mom and pop sports store that you are accustomed to purchasing your reversible jerseys from does not offer this type of process. Thus, they usually come to us or go overseas to get it made. The key to our success is not necessarily the cheapest price. More so, it is our ability to craft from start to finish your design and the finished product.

In other words, when you go to mom and pop and wonder why you haven’t received your jersey or shorts order, they pass it off to the fault of the manufacturer. Dealing with us directly lets both problems go away. As well, if you have an add on to the team or want to change sizes, we are just one phone call away.

Call us today to discuss more options at 888-438-7875. We want to impress you with the coolest jerseys on the planet. Now, thank you for reading this post on Ultimate Frisbee Jerseys. Get your team pinnies in endless colors, patterns and prints.

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