volleyball shorts sublimated

Volleyball Shorts Sublimated

Maryland Volleyball Shorts Sublimated

Check out the great looking pair of volleyball shorts sublimated with the Maryland flag side panels. The Annapolis Club volleyball team decided to order the men’s basketball shorts without pockets. They had a big tournament and wanted to make sure that their warmups fully represented the placed they live. So they reached out to us.  And we helped them craft a masterpiece. The logo looks very cool on these white sublimated shorts. Many think that lacrosse is Maryland’s sport.  However, volleyball is growing in popularity.

For those of you that follow us on our social accounts, especially instagram (@laxpinnies) you may see a lot of the posts I put up as a repeat. Sorry. I wish I had time to get pictures of everything we put out in a day but it is mostly impossible. I feel bad because most days I can only snap one or two pics and there are teams and images that I hate to leave out but just do not have the time. Hopefully soon we can hire another person that strictly handles this. For now you are stuck with me and some repeats. If you know anyone looking for volleyball shorts sublimated with a team logo or pattern, please call us.

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