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Womens Long Sleeve Shirt Lacrosse

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Womens long sleeve shirt lacrosse from Lightning Wear Apparel. The East Coast is not the only place where style and beauty exist on and off the lacrosse field. Here goes a set of womens long sleeve shooter shirtsand custom racerback pinnies to our lady pals in Phoenix Arizona. The team provided us with their very cool logo that shows a bit of Arizona fun, sun, palm trees, mountains and lacrosse sticks. The shooter shirt took accents from the logo including the collar and side panels and made it perfection. Each player received a personalized numbered shirt and reversible pinnie. We are glad to have the Paradise Valley girls lacrosse team on board and we really enjoy working with them.


In talking with the parent coach that organized the order, I realized that the sport of lacrosse in Arizona seems to be just as competitive and intense as it is here in Maryland. She mentioned that her kids played on several travel and club teams. They have the great benefit of enjoying a better climate. This means that their season is longer and they have more time for outdoor games and practice. There are many womens post collegiate coaches that donate much of their time and energy for the growth of Arizona womens lacrosse. We salute you. Be sure to check out our womens lacrosse shirts and womens uniforms. Made in the USA.

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