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Tartan Wrestling Shorts

Create your own team wrestling shorts from Lightning Wear. The contest is still running. Here goes a finished pair of my favorite shorts so far this year going to the Highlander Wrestling Team in Floyd Central High School in Floyd Knobs Indiana. Thanks for making us a part of this great order. Our sublimated shorts are made in Kensington Maryland USA.

sublimated shorts wrestling

sublimated shorts wrestling

I do not mean to insult my wrestling buddies but whenever I see the word wrestling I cannot help but thing about my chid hood and how much I loved a good fight in the ring. At that time there were only about five working television stations before Cable TV. Entertainment wrestling was one of the great shows that we looked forward to watching every saturday on TV. They used to advertise the big events and my pops would always take us whenever the wrestling circus landed in town. I will never forget the time my dad brought my brother Jay and I to the Capital Center in Landover Maryland for the WWF wrestlemania.

We watched Andre the Giant and killer khan go at each other in a steel cage match. We also got to see the Iron Sheik go at it with Bob Backland. My older brother used to put me in a move called the Camel Clutch. I think I still have some neck problems associated with the pain that it caused thirty years later. That and my older brother used to do the Jimmy Snuka off of a dresser or two in to me when I was down on the ground. Or he would give me the George the animal turn buckle crush. Just want to say thanks to my older bro and his friends for toughening me up as a kid.

Anyways, back then there was no such thing as dye sublimation. Wrestling Shorts like the ones you see pictured did not exist. If they did all the cool wrestlers from the WWF, (now wwe for legal purposes) would have definitely rocked them. If you or your wrestling team need some cool gear for practice give us a call.

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