Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Make Custom Lacrosse Shirts

Red Camo Lacrosse Shirts Digital

Custom lacrosse shirts from Lightning Wear. I am as always a little late posting recently. We are gearing up for the school year here at Lightning Wear and are working on some new products to better our brand. Here is a cool set of custom camouflage lacrosse shirts for the Northwood Lacrosse Team in Silver Spring, Maryland. Thanks for stopping by our factory to pick these up. We are looking forward to the ongoing relationship. Digital camo shooter shirts look sharp in any color or style.

Create Custom Camouflage Lacrosse Shorts

For an extra $30-35 bones you can add a cool set of custom camouflage lacrosse shorts to the mix. Our camo lax shorts are equipped with fresh pockets and an elastic drawstring waistband. They have a comfortable 9+" inseam and are made of a very slick polyester dye sublimation ready material. The colors on these stay strong long after you wear them. We really started getting serious about dye sublimation back in 2012. Over time we have improved our machines and upgraded our procedures. It has been a long learning curve and for anyone that says they are doing to start a dye sub company without doing their diligence, I wish them good luck. There are many moving parts to cut and sew manufacturing. Adding the variables of unpredictable machinery and the thousands of other outside factors really requires thick skin, and a tough gut. More importantly, I thank my creator every day that I was blessed with some mechanical skills to keep up with the machinery. Without a bit of common sense and some muscles, you will fail at the dye sublimation process within the first week. So if you are looking for custom shorts, shooter shirts or reversible jerseys, come to Lightning Wear for experience, quality and commitment to making our brand the one you come back to.

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