Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Check out these Ice Miners Hockey Pinnies we made for a big development hockey league we did in the beehive state,Utah.
We have had the great pleasure of working with this growing club for some time now. Their coordinators went with the collegiate style reversible jerseys for their practice squads in various sizes and color combinations. Our hockey practice jerseys are made to order with just about any design pattern or embellishment option that you can think of.

Personalization Ice Miners Hockey Pinnies

Making the Ice miners hockey pinnies custom was fun and easy for us. Really you are working with a blank pallet when it comes to custom options with Lightning Wear. Also, the wide shoulder collegiate jerseys were a perfect fit for the teams. We are capable of adding personalization with names numbers or logos to any part of the garment. Moreover, the shirts are dye sublimated. This means that the colors and designs are permanently applied to the white fabric then sewn together. It makes for a really incredible piece of finished gear. We absolutely love when our great customers send in their team pics like this. I am really sorry that we have not been posting in a while. We usually love to show off our finished products. Our team tries to do so on a daily basis. But we have been involved in some new and great things here at our Kensington, Maryland location. For starters, we have been selling a lot of bulk order garments in larger production. You are probably wondering what the heck does this mean. Bulk orders are usually 100-500 pieces of garments. Our in house state of the art manufacturing facility can handle any sized order. If you are a professional, college, high school or intermediary team that is looking to outfit your team or organization, please be sure to give us a call.

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