team lacrosse hooded sweatshirts

Team Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirts

Custom Team Lacrosse Hooded Sweatshirts

I have seen a lot of cool team lacrosse hooded sweatshirts come past my desk, but these Attleboro lacrosse hooded sweatshirts with the awesome Eagle print are the best I have seen in a while. The players wearing these will definitely be standing out on and off the sidelines. They designed these hoodies with a team side print on the sleeve and the eagle on the front. I love how the pocket fits right in to the beak without you even seeing it. As the weather gets colder here in Maryland you will definitely see a lot more hoodies going out the front door.


Our sublimated fleece sweatshirts are as warm and durable as they come. We have sourced a ton of fleece fabric in the last couple of years. What we have now by far is the best out on the market. If you or your team are looking to make a set of these custom hoodies, please call us for special pricing and quantity discounts. All of our hoodies are made in Maryland USA.

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